Jamie studied Music at University, followed by Web Development at General Assembly. His aim is to combine the two disciplines and to use technology to solve creative problems, with particular interest in frontend web development.

He's currently working within the performing arts sector as a web developer; whilst active as a jazz musician, performing and tutoring in London.

Previous to honing code, he taught in Asia and travelled extensively.

Web Developer Experience

HdK Associates

June 2017 - Present

HdK is a small digital agency, working exclusively with 300+ clients in the Performing Arts sector. I'm responsible for in-house web development and outsourcing. I have a focus on Front End Development.

General Assembly

Nov 2016 - March 2017

An immersive coding bootcamp over the span of three months where I learned different programming languages and and frameworks, both on the client side and server side.


Remote Composer

Remote Composer is an open source music composition platform, for composers and artists who want to collaborate and develop musical ideas together. This app was built in four days as a duo project.

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Code Fund

A team project, we built a RESTful app inspired by our experience so far in the tech world. CodeFund is a space to ask technical questions to fellow developers, with questioners donating to the charity chosen by the owner of the best answer. My teammates and I wanted to explore using tech for good; how to contribute to charity alongside providing a service.

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